Warehouses Conveniently Located in Los Angeles and Atlanta!

Easy Sales Program
Rely on My Moulding if you need to order high-quality picture frame moulding. We offer credit programs for those who qualify. Our terms and conditions are flexible and convenient for clients with any budget. Please go through or sales programs and terms and conditions before placing your order.
Length Service
We understand that not every order requires a full box of moulding. For small jobs and sampling, we offer all items in individual lengths shipped from our Los Angeles warehouse.
Box Program
We offer one of the best box programs in the industry. Not only does My Moulding have some of the most popular moulding finishes, we are very competitively priced and most importantly, you don’t have to redesign your project!
We are almost always 100% IN-STOCK!
Partial & Full Containers
Because of our factory relationship, we can offer a very flexible Container Program. My Moulding is able to provide a wide range of Moulding that can be shipped within a few days, because we maintain inventory at our factory, ready-to-ship.

The flexibility of the unique program permits "per item" orders of as little as 1 Box, as long as the entire order is a minimum of 100 boxes of mixed designs. Contact us for more details.
Bid Center
From time to time you may have a need for a large amount of moulding. When that occurs, we would be glad to offer a competitive bid for custom or standard profiles and finishes. NOTE: We will not copy a protected design. Contact us for more details.
Downloaded Forms
My Moulding or its credit representative reserves the right to determine the qualifications of a customer to purchase goods or services. A customer must possess an appropriate Business License and a completed Resale card must be on file for State to check. Possession of our literature or a visit to our website does not concede the right to buy. Merchandise remains the property of My Moulding until paid in full.
Terms may be established by completing a credit application. Once approved, open account terms are NET-30 from the invoice date. Orders will not be shipped to accounts with past due balances. Prices are listed in our price list.

Custom Orders: Requires a 50% deposit before the order will be placed with the factory. Balance (50%) is due upon delivery.
Sales Representative: If you do not wish to e-mail or fax orders directly to our office, please contact your salesperson. You may contact or leave a message for your local representative by calling our toll free number at any time, 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.

Orders: In order to reduce errors a hard copy is required on all order (fax or e-mail). Orders should be legible, with the buyer's name, P.O. number and contact phone number clearly visible. If no P.O. number is provided, we will use the date and buyer's name as your P.O. number.

Deadlines: Box orders received before 2:00 p.m. will be shipped the same day. Other will be shipped the next day.

Payment Method: We accept cashier’s checks, money orders, business checks, wire transfers, Visa, or MasterCard. There is a $50.00 fee for a returned check.
Shipping: Customer is responsible for freight costs. If customer prefers a carrier besides the one My Moulding normally uses, the customer must contact their preferred carrier and arrange for the pick-up.

Will Call: If you plan to pick up merchandise at one of our warehouses, please indicate the time you will pick up, to avoid any waiting. A minimum of 3 hours advance notice for will-call is required.

Premium Service: Available upon request, on shipments that require handling. (Pick up or shipment, under 2 hours). FEE: $5.00 per box.

Carrier Damaged Shipments: If your shipment is damaged by the carrier, this is an issue to be resolved between you and that carrier. We will assist you with the documentation to make your claim easier, but we cannot handle the claim.

Defective Merchandise: Hold for inspection by our sales representative. We will issue a credit upon inspection. A replacement will be sent, via common carrier, at No Charge.

Toll Free Customer Service: 877-374-8800
We recommend that orders be placed via fax or email. Orders accepted 24/7.
Local Fax: 562-298-4657 / Toll Free Fax: 877-374-8801
E-mail: sales@mymoulding.com / Web site: www.mymoulding.com

PRICES: All prices, written or expressed otherwise, for merchandise and service will be understood as FOB, nearest My Moulding warehouse.

BACK ORDERS: We do not back-order any items. You may, however, reorder item and mark it "ship upon arrival." All "ship upon arrival" orders will filled from the oldest date to the most recent.
1. Contact us within 10 days of receipt, if there is any discrepancy in your shipment.
2. If you have an unusable defect, call our customer services department. Our sales representative will inspect the moulding and get you a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) Number.
3. Returns will not be accepted without a RGA number written on the outside of each box.
4. All unauthorized returns will be refused.
1. There will be a 15% restocking charge, plus the return shipping charges. No returns allowed after 30 days.
2. Canceled orders may require a 15% restocking charge if the order has already been pulled. Once a stick has been cut, it will be billed for the full amount, without the right of return.
3. All purchases of special sale merchandise, customer orders, or discontinued items are final and not returnable.
1. Chips - No charge. No UPS Charge.
2. Corners - You pay ONLY shipping and handling charges.
3. Ordering Samples - Please contact your sales representative. If you do not have a sale representative please fax your request to 877-374-8801, or email (master@mymoulding.com).
Pricing - Please refer to Price List:
  • Prices are subject to change without notice

  • Printed colors on our catalogue may vary

  • For Special / Custom Orders, call for quotation
  • Late Charges and Attorney's Fees:
    If the payment is not paid when it is due, or is dishonored for any reason, a one-time late charge shall be added at a rate equal to eight percentage (8%) on the unpaid amount due. Buyer shall be liable for attorney's fee and cost if any legal proceeding or service is required for the purpose of collection thereof.
    Applicable Law and Jurisdiction:
    All legal matters shall be governed by and construed in accordance only with the laws of California, and jurisdiction and venue shall only be in the Court of the County of Los Angeles, State of California

    Tel: 877.374.8800 Fax: 877.374.8801 Email: sales@mymoulding.com